Remote Vibration Monitoring Systems

PreSeis, Inc. offers daily and long term Vibration Monitoring Services to assist clients in developing accurate, reliable, and cost effective monitoring programs that are site specific and essential in developing and maintaining positive Public Relations, while demonstrating compliance and assisting our customers in preventing costly, unwarranted, and avoidable damage claims. Our qualified technical consultants can provide clients with a site-specific assessment and advanced geo-technical support in order to establish proper equipment installation, programming, data recording accuracy, and event record archiving. Comprehensive reporting and technical consultation is provided as needed to assist clients in developing and maintaining positive public relations while ensuring a safe, successful, and positive project environment. Customized monitoring programs are further developed based on individual client and project requirements. Various monitoring service types typically include daily on-site monitoring consultation, remote monitoring applications, fixed long term monitoring, and vibration alarm notification systems.

Examples of Specific Applications:

  • Blast Vibration and Noise Level Monitoring
  • Pile Driving, Vibratory Equipment, Compaction, and Heavy Construction Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Services (modem, cellular modem, solar, event web posting)
  • Seismograph Training Programs – equipment functionality, proper installation techniques, data interpretation, software support, event archiving capabilities.
  • Technical data interpretation, software support, event archiving.