Instantel Seismographs

Seismograph Sales & Accessories PreSeis, Inc. is an authorized Instantel distributor providing state of the art vibration monitoring equipment and related accessories to the drilling & blasting, construction, and engineering industries. We are able to provide clients with competitive pricing and dealer discounting on all new and used seismograph equipment and related accessories.

Seismograph Calibration and Repair To ensure proper seismograph functionality and accuracy of recorded event data, all seismograph equipment should be calibrated annually to comply with nationally recognized standards. As a full service company providing daily technical services, PreSeis, Inc. understands the importance and value of daily equipment requirements and can directly assist clients by coordinating, retrieving, shipping, and expediting the equipment to address any such service requirements. Prior to initiating any repair work, Instantel will contact PreSeis, Inc. in advance for authorization at which a detailed cost estimate will be provided to our clients thus to ensure that an informative and cost effective choice can be implemented. As Instantel does not provide direct contractor servicing and invoicing, all required services are processed directly through PreSeis, Inc.

For equipment calibration and service, please visit InfoChangeā„¢.

Seismograph Rentals and Leases To assist clients with their equipment related needs, PreSeis, Inc. can provide both short and long term seismograph rental and leasing programs. Pricing varies based on the equipment type, rental duration, and availability of the equipment. Please contact our office today at (888) 627-9221 to find out how we can assist you on any current or future projects you may be working on.

Technical Support For seismograph related questions, a qualified technician can assist you via telephone or email support. With a detailed description of the issue, PreSeis, Inc. can diagnose and determine the best course of action. Often times when a seismograph is not functioning properly, it may be as simple as adjusting the set-up and/or recording parameters, or perhaps even a low battery capacity.

Whatever your seismograph equipment needs!

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