Damage Claim Investigations

Claims and Loss Prevention:
Today, a growing number of construction companies are experiencing an inevitable claim or claim(s) of property damage alleged to have been the result of extraneous construction-related vibrations from common construction sources, such as construction traffic, heavy equipment operations, etc. Standard processes like earth excavation and movement to construction practices with a higher potential of causing extraneous vibration, such as soil compaction, pile driving activities, and drilling & blasting services.

An effective strategy for minimizing these unwarranted complaints is to implement a series of pro-active communication and awareness procedures prior to the commencement of operations on your project.

Examples of these procedures would include establishing a good public relations program, implementation of Pre-Blast/Pre-Construction Documentation Surveys, and comprehensive Vibration Monitoring Services that are specific to the project site.

The most effective and successful communication clearly conveys to nearby property owners an awareness of the activities and procedures that will be involved in your project, the location and scope of the work area, any site-specific safety notifications, and the introduction of skilled public relation professionals to effectively address and/or relay questions and concerns.

Damage Claim Investigation:
PreSeis, Inc. represents a dedicated and reputable group of professionals that have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate the facts, review all reported and provided documentation including Pre-blast/Pre-Construction Survey Material, vibration monitoring plans, recorded seismographic event data, blast/construction records, and any project related specifics relating to the claim.

Here at PreSeis, Inc., Damage Claim Investigations are of the utmost importance. Most claimants alleging vibration related damages often seek quick resolution to their complaint. PreSeis, Inc. rapidly responds by coordinating a site visitation in order to view and thoroughly document the nature and events associated with each claim. Our qualified Senior Staff will methodically review all project related records, often including but not limited to available seismic data, pre-documentation associated with the alleged claimed damage(s), and all data collected during the post-claim investigation process.

In concluding our investigation, a thorough report is produced outlining the results of the claim, utilizing regulatory and/or well documented industry standards as a criterion for a causal determination.

Should the need for expert testimony be necessary, our Senior Staff members are experienced in providing expert testimony in all forums.