Pre-Blast Surveys

Preventing Claims and Complaints – Proven Results!
Pre-Blast Surveys are a valuable and essential part of any construction project. While often required by local and state regulatory officials and per project specification, these surveys are essential to contractors involved in all aspects of the construction industry.

Preparations for some construction operations may require rock excavation by means of explosive blasting.  Pre-Blast surveys assist clients in minimizing complaints and prevent unwarranted damage claims and potential litigation. PreSeis, Inc.’s highly qualified technical staff will contact neighboring property owners in advance to provide valuable project information, address homeowner concerns, and coordinate services to effectively document the pre-existing conditions of all influenced properties. Our advanced communications and coordinated documentation services can identify potential issues in advance, and alert contractors to various concerns such as structure deficiencies, neighbor complaints, etc.

Detailed, Comprehensive Surveys
Utilizing state of the art digital audio narration, digital photographic imagery or digital videography techniques and reporting, PreSeis, Inc. provides detailed wall-to-wall, room-by-room,  documentation of all existing defects visible throughout the interior and exterior of structures. PreSeis, Inc. also provides crack gauge monitoring services,  complete well water quality tests and satisfy any of your inspection requirements.

Cost Effective Service
With a diverse and strategically placed network of qualified technicians, PreSeis, Inc. provides competitively priced surveys with emphasis on quality, integrity, detail and overall professionalism. Incorporated since 1997 and with over fifty years of combined industry experience, we maintain a long standing industry commitment with an excellent reputation for dependable and high quality service.

Technically Competent Inspectors
PreSeis, Inc.’s experienced inspectors work under the supervision and daily direction of senior principal. With their technical backgrounds, public relation skills, and thorough training our inspectors are able to address homeowner questions and concerns, while implementing detailed documentation services.

Town Meetings/Public Relations
In addition to our standard field services, our representatives have extensive experience interacting with local and state officials, municipalities, governmental agencies, engineers, and legal representatives. We frequently participate in public and private project meetings to assist our clients in developing positive community relations.